My workshops are a popular method of working together to facilitate growth.

Available in person or online.


The Journey to Peace Strength & Resilience

  • Do you believe in yourself?
  • Do you believe you are enough?
  • When you think about love are you the first person that comes to mind?

Sadly, in my 40 years of counselling the answers are usually no. Join me in reversing those beliefs and embarking on the journey to self love with the tools I know work. Understanding how to love yourself fortifies us for adversity, teaches us compassion for ourselves, compassion for others and contributes to a better world.

In this two part series workshop I will teach you how to love yourself more so you can show up to your life with more passion, confidence and resiliency for the negativity we face in the world around us, so you never have to doubt your worthiness again.

Couples Communication

  • Would you and your partner like to improve your communication skills? 
  • Do you often feel you aren’t being understood?
  • Do your contentious issues remain unsolved?
  • Do you have a hard time expressing yourself?

This fun interactive communication training leaves you with skills and information that will take your partnership to a new level.